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Three Pack Variety of American Flag Mylar Star Stencils (4 Size Options)

Regular price $12.50

This three pack offers the option to order the 50 star stencil, Betsy Ross stencil, and the 1776 Betsy Ross stencil at a discounted rate!  Four sizes are now available to choose from in the drop down menu above.

This pre-cut stencil is made of highly durable, thin, flexible, and clear (Mylar® type) polyester material. It is a long-lasting, cleanable, and flexible stencil that will remain flat for as long as you keep the stencil. If you are looking for our heavy duty metal stencils, you can view those HERE.

Unlike other stencils found online, our stencils are cut to the size of your union and will not be disproportionate. In fact, this one-of-a-kind design stencil allows for both official or common size builds.  Whether you are building your flag to official dimensions as mandated for flags used by government agencies or common use dimensions, such as the flags made and sold by THAT Flag Company, this stencil is made for you. 

Reference our stencil and flag dimensions cut sheet below or click HERE to find all of your cut dimensions for official and common size builds

See how easy it is to build professional quality flags with our step-by-step DIY YouTube video seen here: 

We've made the stencils clear to enable you to see beneath it, making centering and line-up an easy feat.  No matter the method you use for the stars of your flag, we've taken the time to ensure our stencils will contribute to added consistency and accuracy!



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