50 Star American Flag Stencil (Single/4 Size Options)
THAT Flag Company

50 Star American Flag Stencil (Single/4 Size Options)

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4 size options now available to choose from in the drop down menu above!!

This pre-cut stencil is made of highly durable and clear (Mylar® type) polyester material. It is a long-lasting, cleanable, and flexible stencil that will remain flat for as long as you keep the stencil.

Unlike other stencils found online, this stencil is cut to the size of your union and will not be disproportionate.  We based the dimensions on the same flags we make, which we show how to build on our DIY YouTube video seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W75Q44h_Px0 

The dimensions for each flag size can also be found at the bottom of our FAQ page.

We've made the stencils clear to enable you to see beneath it, making centering and line-up an easy feat.  No matter the method you use for the stars of your flag, we've taken the time to ensure our stencils will contribute to added consistency and accuracy.  

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